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A teacher demonstrates fermenting
A teacher walks among students working on schoolwork
Students pose with Chomps, the Cleveland Browns mascot, as part of their attendance initiative
Staff members pose with Chomps, the Cleveland Browns mascot, as part of their attendance initiative
A student works on a Chromebook
Students go down a toboggan chute while in Quebec City
Orchestra teacher conducts students on the stage

Shaker Heights Middle School

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At Shaker Heights Middle School, students engage in a rigorous academic curriculum that incorporates the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, fostering critical thinking and global awareness.

A student does schoolwork with a textbook


Shaker Heights Middle School offers a vibrant visual and performing arts program, providing students with numerous opportunities to explore and develop their creative talents through a wide array of classes, extracurricular activities and performances and exhibitions.

A student plays violin


Shaker Heights Middle School's athletics program that encourages students to develop their physical skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. With dedicated coaches, the program fosters a love of sports and a commitment to healthy living.

A student plays catcher at a softball game
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Shaker Heights Middle School, serving Grades 6-8, is where students from the District's five K-5 elementary schools come together to continue their educational journey. The school offers a dynamic and supportive environment that bridges the transition from elementary to high school, fostering both academic and personal growth. With a focus on collaborative learning, diverse extracurricular activities, and a dedicated faculty, Shaker Heights Middle School prepares students for future success in an inclusive and nurturing community.

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The Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Teaching will play a pivotal role in ensuring the academic success and growth of students throughout the District. Working closely with the superintendent and and other administrative leaders, the position provides strategic direction, leadership and support in the development and implementation of educational programs and initiatives.

Read More about Dr. Felecia M. Evans Named Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

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International Baccalaureate

As an International Baccalaureate school, our curriculum is designed to nurture, educate students who are creative thinkers and skillful problem solvers and who are actively engaged in our global and multicultural society.

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Educational Equity

We work to understand and dismantle long-standing systemic barriers that have resulted in persistent racial disparities in academic achievement. These same barriers also prevent a true sense of belonging.

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Facilities Plan

Our vision is for all Shaker Heights children to attend school in buildings that are modern, safe and inclusive; support academic excellence; are diverse, integrated and welcoming; promote community, and; allow the District to remain fiscally responsible.

Hand-drawn sign by a student on the door at a newly remodeled Fernway. The sign says thank you for the new school


Shaker Heights Middle School students are introduced to travel through various educational trips, including the annual Grade 8 trip to Washington, D.C., which enriches their learning experiences and broadens their perspectives.

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Social-Emotional Wellness

As part of the Middle School's commitment to the whole child, dedicated supports help ensure that all students have access to a variety of resources to support their social-emotional development.

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Get Involved

Volunteers play a crucial role at Shaker Heights Middle School, enriching the educational experience by supporting activities, organizing events and fostering a strong sense of community involvement.

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